Ideas for using up leftover herbs!

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I always use fresh herbs in cooking but often find I have plenty leftover which go off quickly. I hate throwing them away so I try to find new ways to use them!

Here are some of my ideas.




Any soft herb mixed with any seed or nut plus a clove or two of garlic, some extra virgin olive oil and some sea salt will make a lovely pesto. I use a mini kenwood food processor for this.

Here I have mixed Coriander leaf with flaked almonds, two cloves of garlic, some olive oil and sea salt. There is no need to measure here. Just a little of this and that works fine!

Also I have Curly Parsley with chopped walnuts, two cloves of garlic, some olive oil and sea salt.

These are delicious on grilled steaks or with pasta or even just with crusty bread plus they freeze 2















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I had a small handful of basil leaves left so mixed them with some extra virgin olive oil in my small food processor. This is lovely drizzled over some barbequed chicken or on top of pizzas!


Herbs are lovely added to butter and mixed with other ingredients such as garlic, lemon/lime juice, chillies etc. Here I have mixed 200g butter with some coriander leaf , one red chilli which I deseeded and finely chopped, 2 cloves garlic which I grated and some sea salt. This also freezes really well.  photo 3 photo 4