My 10 Favourite Kitchen Gadgets

My 10 Favourite Kitchen Gadgets

During my cooking demos at Ciara’s Kitchen people often ask me what my favourite piece of equipment is. Or they often admire a new gadget I am using. I try not to use anything terribly fancy as I want everyone to be able to recreate what I show them when they are at home. I want people to have a short grocery list and not a long list of expensive gadgets! However there are a few items that I love and that make my cooking life a small bit easier. So here they are! (clockwise from bottom right)


1.    Silicone baking sheet – They are so handy. No need to grease your baking trays or buy new ones! Easy to clean and store also. This pink one is from Ikea.

2.    Juice Squeezer – This Joseph & Joseph juice squeezer is great as it also catches the pips. 

3.    Mini Measuring Jug – This Oxo mini measuring jug is so handy for measuring small quantities. 

4.    Knives – Global – My brother Brian bought me a couple of Global knives about 10 years ago and I love them. I use the GS 5 14cm for pretty much everything! Approx. €130 from Brown Thomas or Worth every cent!

5.    Herb Scissors – These are the best invention ever and make chopping herbs so easy even when wet. I use a Westmark one. 

6.    Grater – Microplane is the only brand I consider worth buying. I have tried buying cheaper ones but they just don’t compare. I use mine mostly for garlic and ginger although they are also great for parmesan and citrus fruit zesting. 

7.    Wok with Lid – I have bought many woks and frying pans in my life and this is up there with ones five times the price. Ikea Skanka range.

8.    Stand Mixer – I always use Kenwood mixers.

9.    Small Food Processor – I use a Kenwood one. Handy for chopping nuts, making sauces, pastes, marinades, pesto’s etc. Why use your big food processor when this is just as good for small quantities. Saves on the washing up! 

10.    Digital weighing scales – Mine are Salter. Much more accurate than the old fashioned scales and they measure liquid too!